"If you can see it, you can paint it."
—Peter Etril Snyder



The Gallery is closed.

Reproductions are no longer available.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by my website. I intend not only to show my paintings which are for sale but also to give an insight into how I work, live and travel.

Many of the pieces on my site are already owned and they can be fun to browse. You may see a piece that hangs in your living room.

I encourage you to email me ... peter@snyder-gallery.com ... and ask questions or make comments. It is so interesting to hear the many remarks about my work and how my paintings relate to your experience.

Although the gallery is closed you can still apply your Gift Certificate to the purchase of an original painting on my site.




Artists Mentoring through Painting Doctor

Click here for details on my free e-mail service to any painter who wishes help with their work.

Interested in how I create a painting? See Bordeaux Morning.



In addition to my Original Paintings and Archives, I have added 2 new sections. In Explorations I do not really know what to expect as this is the laboratory section of my website where I also show some ideas that may never come off. In Personal are pieces that I have kept private, some I pulled back from the Gallery, some my bride would not allow me to sell, and some I felt were so particular to me that no one else would want to see them. My most recent paintings can always be seen in New Paintings.